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Cultural offerings, reportedly ‘haunted’ dolls, spell boxes and alter items to customize your spiritual space and lifestyle. Purchase psychic readings, tarot card readings and other unique occult items.

Annalee "I Love You" Doll (reportedly giggles)

Annalee "I Love You" Doll (reportedly giggles)


Annalee “I Love You” doll is hand-stitched in 1970’s and has a character all her own. She is in excellent condition, but also comes complete with the experience that she reportedly giggles?! That’s right, and while she has been in my care, I’ve noticed children’s laughter and friendly energy in her space.

Annalee is shipped with a personal LOVE SPELL that is correlated with the moon cycle that you adopt her, so that she might bring happiness, love and self-care empowerment to your life when bringing her into your heart.

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Yes, her dolls are full of character and whimsy, but the thread that binds them together as an “Annalee” is that each and every one of them energetically celebrates some aspect of life itself—life at its very best. Annalee passed away in 2002, but her legacy continues. Today, more than 80 years after her first dolls were made, Annalee Dolls remains a New Hampshire tradition, operating out of the same picturesque town of Meredith and bringing smiles to young and old. The Annalee Gift Shop, at 339 Daniel Webster Highway, welcomes thousands of visitors from all over the world each year.