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Broken Wooden Dolphin Tail

Broken Wooden Dolphin Tail


This item is a hand-carved animal statue that was broken when an older man thought his wife should be buried with half of her beloved nightstand item (the other half he kept). It helped to remind him he was still here in the physical, going to the ‘other side’ to be with her soon.

When he passed, the item ended up being sold to me when a grand-daughter said her mom didn’t want it (she didn’t have a good relationship with her father), but didn’t want the item to be thrown in the trash. I offered her $100 and have kept the tail on my Pisces alter for some time now and it always brings me feelings of yearning and deep connection.

The item had such a deep love story, and was acquired many years back on a visit the couple shared on a cruise.

This beach wood is light, soft, smooth to the touch and has a deep spiritual story of love and afterlife connection.

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This item has a very soft, light, airy feel.