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Loons in Flight Statue

Loons in Flight Statue


The loon is the state bird of Minnesota, where these were acquired at a very cool antique store. The two birds are connected tightly to their base but seem to be lifting off into the air. The bird has always symbolized liberation, freedom and the willingness to take risk for the reward of reaching our dreams. Taking flight, soaring on the wind and also keeping all the stress inside, kicking beneath the surface of the water.

The loon is unique for their ability to hold their breath and swim underwater for a very long time. They are mysterious and tricky, a more brave of the seasonal birds out during hunting season.

They are a great alter item for those looking to navigate through drama, air, obstacles in the way of your dreams and to remind you that you too can defy the laws!

Comes with a bird feather (loons are protected)

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