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Curio Box

Cultural offerings, reportedly ‘haunted’ dolls, spell boxes and alter items to customize your spiritual space and lifestyle. Purchase psychic readings, tarot card readings and other unique occult items.

Haunted South Korean Farmer Carving

Haunted South Korean Farmer Carving


Each month I try to feature a different ‘reportedly haunted’ doll from my growing collection. Some are cultural icons full of focused psychic energy and others are neglected dolls with a creepy energy and strange behaviors. I’ve had dolls worth a few thousand, vintage cabbage patch dolls and even priceless handmade, carved demonic relics said to cause major paranormal phenomenon.

I part ways after studying each doll and send you any and all notes, audio, opinions if you want the ‘pre suggestion’ to their story. Contact me today and add see who you get to adopt!

This Doll: Came to me from a local antique dealer and simply was returned many times. He has a soft feeling and a sense of desire for company. He is carved from the image of the local farmer and fits the archetype well.

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