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So often I have individuals approach me after a lecture, at an event or they send me messages about how to become psychic. The answer is not a simple one, and neither is process, though I assure that everyone has the capacity to strengthen their insight and intuition. Modern magic is a complex potion of holistic healing, physics, quantum mechanics, alchemy, diet, exercise, awareness and is going to grow and present itself in your life in many ways.

Understanding the signs, learning how to apply them, strengthening the connection with yourself and having someone who is trained to guide you, softly and skeptically through the process, is why the Gypsy Tribe was born. I currently take on new students as my schedule allows and the packages are monthly. You can purchase a yearly membership at a discount rate, but the monthly access allows you to plan and budget accordingly and to see if the Gypsy Tribe is a good fit for you.

Each month has themes based on astrology, holidays, collective conscious awareness and then is tailored to your specific goal and learning channel. Join the tribe and have weekly accountability to work your mind-body-spirit in the company of Paranormal Sarah and others who have joined the tribe.

Monthly Gypsy Tribe Membership

Monthly Gypsy Tribe Membership

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A monthly membership allows you to be included in special email blasts that include astrology news, paranormal phenomenon, coupons, discounts and first-dibs on tickets for upcoming events.

Monthly membership also includes you to receive a weekly 1:1 class with Paranormal Sarah to work on your intuition and psychic ability.

Each month has a unique modern magic theme and holiday/season related topics to learn about but also classes are tailored to meet your specific requests which might include but are not limited to:

Alien Abduction Regression, Alien 101, Incubus/Succubus, Alchemy, Astrology, Divination, learning how to read Tarot Cards, runes or how to make spells of your own. Sigils, mojo bags, voodoo sorcery or Jungian archetypes and making wands while discussing shadow self and making New Moon oils. Each session is unique because each session is special to each student and timing.

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These packages do not auto-renew so set yourself a reminder to pay for the next month before the 1st so you don’t loose a spot!