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It all started when…

a friend in the paranormal field requested my presence at the notoriously haunted, Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO for an event that would be investigating alongside famous ‘ghost hunters’. Without hesitation, I agreed to join the event line-up, and then I learned it was in hopes that I would be the featured psychic… I agreed with some hesitation.

My mother, my sister, women all throughout my family had exercised their intuitive gifts in public, but until then, mine had only remained an inner source of constant stress and motivation to understand more about human psychology. I was working on my undergraduate degrees, exploring some of the world’s most haunted locations and writing research papers for the Parapsychological Association; I wasn’t a popularized psychic. I decided to trust the support of my friends and to trust my own intuition, instincts and gifts, and cemented myself that weekend as ‘Paranormal Sarah’. Soon after, I would appear on national television helping clients with their extreme hauntings, publish two books on paranormal phenomenon and started to become a featured speaker at events such as Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA and the famous Haunted America in Alton, IL.

Now, I am a mother of two beautiful boys, married to a gifted musician and handy-man, and each day is a juggle of normal life and adventures into the paranormal. I’m busy working on my doctorate research in advanced psychopathy with forensic psychology and also completing the second book to HAUNTED BY THE ABYSS. I have worked more than seventeen years in the mental health community as a case manager, probation officer, investigator and assessment staff to serious and persistent mentally ill individuals and I also assist in extreme hauntings wherein the clients may be believed to be mentally ill. Balancing a stressful work life with a successful family home means I apply my own advice regularly and apply my techniques personally for inner peace, spiritual growth and physical success. Writing books, speaking and advocating on my passions and documenting the human experience through counseling and portrait photography are a huge part of my life, and helping improve spiritual wellness is a big part of that process.

I enjoy gardening with my family, foraging my home in northern Minnesota, traveling with work and relishing in delicious food. Working within the spiritual realm and being called a ‘witch’ is a compliment these days, and I hope to spread my magic and happiness to all those wanting to empower themselves and grow with me.

I do hope you’ll join me, my family and all the GYPSY TRIBE on our journey through modern magic and spiritualism.

AA in Arts, AA in MN Law Enforcement, BA in Psychology, BA in Criminal Justice, minor in Sociology, MA in Forensic Psychology, CH Certified Hypnotherapist, NLP Neurolinguistic Practitioner/Holistic Practitioner.

Haunted by the Abyss (2015) Llewellyn Worldwide Inc.

Quantum Parapsychology: How Science is proving the Paranormal (2017)