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February Astrology Report

Working on Astrology for February and March of 2019 and find myself doing research on lunar phases and cycles starting back in August 21st of 2017. THIS WOMAN talks about the importance of paying attention to cycles, vibes, waves and how we adjust to the pushes and pulls of the Universe around us.

Today's FULL MOON is called the Snow moon, the Bone moon and also (sorry Rick) a Super Moon. This is symbolic and representative of many things, firstly that the Earth and Moon will be closer today than most any other day this year.
The moon is moving into FULL in the sign of VIRGO, with 0 degrees = organize your chaos.

The clean slate, zero degrees, reminds us that after all this work and all this chaos, we have a new beginning to create something we've been thinking about for a long while (technically since Aug of 2017).  Take those dreams and manifest them into something we can all enjoy; birth those projects into the world.

I find the VIRGO energy to be nurturing, mothering but also at times, a bit Mommy Dearest too.  It is a perfectionist that wants to make the best of all the details. The Virgo drive says to wait, watch the trial and error of others and then apply that to your own success.  She is all about nurturing dreams like little seeds but she can become overly into micro-managing the process; find balance.

If you're interested in a personal reading and how these energies affect you, please let me know, as I'm doing personal readings for 2019 forecasts.

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