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The German Wedding Chalice that saved two lives and started a Tradition...

Centuries ago, in old Nuremberg, the Nobel mistress Kunigunde fell in love with a young and ambitious goldsmith. Although Kunigunde's wealthy father (a powerful nobleman) did not approve of this pair, it was clear that she only wanted the goldsmith to be her husband as she refused many titled and rich suitors who asked for her hand in marriage.

Her father became so enraged that he had the young goldsmith thrown into the darkest dungeon. Not even his daughter's bitter tears would change her father's mind.

To her father's dismay, imprisoning the young man did not end his daughter's love for the goldsmith. Instead, he could only watch as his daughter grew paler and paler as a result of the separation from her true love.

The wealthy nobleman reluctantly made the following proposal: He told his daughter, "If your goldsmith can make a chalice from which two people can drink at the same time without spilling one single drop, I will free him and you shall become his bride".

Of course he was certain nobody could perform such a task...

Inspired by love and with skillful hands, the young goldsmith created a masterpiece. He sculpted a girl with a smile as beautiful as his own true love's. Her skirt was hollowed to serve as a cup. Her raised arms held a bucket that swivels so that it could be filled and then swung towards a second drinker.

The challenge was met. The goldsmith and the nobleman's daughter joined hands in marriage and with the bridal cup set forth a romantic and memorable tradition as charming today as it was originally hundreds of years ago.

To this day and to many couples the chalice remains a symbol. Love, faithfulness and good luck await the couple who drink from this cup.


The German Wedding Toast

Toasting with the bridal cup is a great way to add some fun to your wedding ceremony toast.

The best man starts the toast. Many people choose to read the story of the bridal cup to their guests as it is an inspiring story of love. Others prefer to use their own toasts and if you want to add some extra fun to your toast you can do the "Who Rules the Nest" toast explained below.

Traditionally, the wedding toast is initiated by the best man and performed during the reception dinner.

When toasting, the best man should stand up with his glass raised as he speaks. If you are offering champagne at your wedding, this would be done after everyone's glass was filled.

Next, he would let everyone know that he has a special toast for the bride and groom. If you are of German heritage, you can mention that it is a German tradition that stemmed from centuries ago in Germany.

Hold the bridal cup upside down to fill. The bride and groom then stand up and the best man or groom himself holds the bridal cup upside down so that the large skirt becomes a cup. Pour champagne or beverage of your choice into the hollow skirt end.

If you are going to read the story of the bridal cup to your guests, then you should have someone else fill the cup as you read.

After the large skirt end of the bridal cup is filled, the smaller swiveling cup needs to be filled. Because the smaller top cup swivels, it will already be upright. Carefully fill the small cup. Now that you have both cups filled, you are ready to perform the bridal cup toast!

The bride and groom must stand closely together facing each other with just enough space for the cup between them. The bride takes the smaller cup in hand while the groom holds onto the larger cup.

At the same time and together, the wedding couple raises the cup up and to their lips to drink. You must be careful here to not spill a drop because if you can drink without spilling a drop, love, faithfulness and good luck will be yours forever!

If you want to really add some fun to your special wedding cup toast you can do a fun German toast called "Who Rules the Nest". It's a toast enjoyed by most women and you will see why!

"Who Rules the Nest" is a popular wedding toast performed with the bridal cup and it's the perfect opportunity for the maid of honor to step up!

Just before the bride and groom drink from the wedding cup the maid of honor stands and announces that whomever finishes first without spilling a drop will rule the nest!

Of course, we all know since the bride has the smaller cup, she will be the winner!

As an added bonus, performing this toast will present a perfect opportunity to grab some entertaining pictures of the groom...

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