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Curio Box

Cultural offerings, reportedly ‘haunted’ dolls, spell boxes and alter items to customize your spiritual space and lifestyle. Purchase psychic readings, tarot card readings and other unique occult items.

"Mixed Bag" Divination Reading/Challenge

"Mixed Bag" Divination Reading/Challenge


Scrying and other more unique forms of divination, such as Bibliomancy, Numerology and even reading entrails are rooted deep in the culture of the occult. If you’re interested in having a more unique divination reading, venturing from the more popular Tarot/ Oracle cards, consider a more mysterious and historically rich type of divination reading. Complete with audio explanation, historical notes and photographic art for you to use in your own interpretations.

Create your own challenge for this reading or choose from some of the more popular divination choices:

Scrying Crystal Ball - utilizing Gestalt Psychology and paradolia to interpret psychic intuition.

Bibliomancy - interpreting intuition through random page text and context.

Casting Lots (Hakata) - runes, bones, and other foraged items are used to engage in this ancient form of divination.

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