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German Wedding Chalice

German Wedding Chalice


These German wedding cups were based on German lore and have become a German wedding tradition. The German wedding cup allows the bride and groom to drink their toast together, as the top cup swivels in the hands of the bottom cup. All German wedding cups come with an explanation of the legend of the cup and instructions on how to fill them.

The blog posted on this cool find explains why she is so unique and that finding a working cup fully intact, working and complete with a pink stone was awe-inspiring for me. These are sometimes used as alter cups and ritual chalices because the cup ‘that never spills’ can be offered to the Gods and left at the alter after you take your sip for confirmation.

I adore this cup, her story, her beautiful condition and will only be releasing her to the perfect owner - is that you? Comes complete with an elderberry tincture.

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