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Dreams are becoming more vivid.

As the Sun entered into Pisces on the 13th, I could tell my dreams and sleep were becoming more ‘disturbed’. I was preparing for all the astrological vibes I posted in my YOUTUBE report, but the waking, tossing, and vivid dreams still took me by surprise.

I had a larger number of emails (cue Zoolander reference) about dreams in my inbox and I laughed at the timing; even I had misplaced the movements of Mars into Taurus, Sun into Pisces, all the Mercury Retrograde vibes…

None the less, I was answering a swarm of emails about dreams, vivid symbols, emotional tremors and a spike in desire for readings to learn more about PURPOSE. I do not joke about the tides of the planets and how the approaching LIBRA Full Moon has us pondering New beginnings. The thing is… how much will it influence you?

Dreams? Start a dream journal of your own and star the intention of remembering your dreams. Try passion fruit with a bit of melatonin (I’m not a doctor) for restful sleep and try an app for binaural beats to help get you more relaxed.