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Jupiter in Retrograde and we're waiting for that Full Moon Energy

Jupiter went into retrograde on the 10th of this month and that shift has us all feeling a fickle energy, a yearning to focus on life purpose and determination of goals and also has us putting our ‘study’ on hold for life risks to be had. A new drive to take risks, change the plan, turn the wheel and go off the beaten path.

Sure, it will be something new, something you’ve always had in your head, but something so unique and different that it just might work. This is a great time to really reflect on what doesn’t change, what inner values and support systems are always a rock of stability and comfort of ‘home’. A great time to write a list of things we’re grateful for and then let go of all the rest because, as I predict, Mother Nature is going to shake things up and have us all ‘moving to higher ground’.

The Full Moon on the 19th is in LIBRA, and this is the second one in a row sandwiching that New Moon in Aries. We are going to want Balance, Resolve and true spiritual chord cutting. Relationships are going to either end, forever, or you will find your bond strengthens because you now have a more clear focus and determination for LOVE.

True connection, balance and allowing what serves you to take priority. Be sure to light a candle and write down all those things you know will bring Balance to your life and write down all your manifestations for growth. The energy will be strong and I will be thinking about you!

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