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End of April Vibes

The end of April has Taurus energy guiding us to ground and ‘find a home’. We are yearning to find purpose and though anxiety is on a hair-pin trigger, we have grand visions of how to make our legacy last in a more objective way than we had thought in the past.

Dance, open the windows and recognize that as the Lyrid Meteor Shower passes, the 29th of April has us facing Pluto already in retrograde and Saturn going into Retrograde. Pluto in retrograde has us thinking deep thoughts on how we relate to big life changes and how we transform. Transformation is a major theme right now and on the minds of all of those highly intuitive individuals.

Saturn in retrograde means that from the 29th to September 18th of this year, we will be called to attention for our long-term life plans and we will have to cope with how we face authority. How do we face obstacles and overcome? How have we transformed our ability to guard, shield, morph and transform energy? All great thoughts and as the end of April is upon us, people will be having big emotional waves of deep thought in their space. Do not take reactions personally and consider talking things out with people; we are all in this together.

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