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May 2019 Cheats to Transform!

The May energy is all about Understanding self, Transforming with the Vibes around you and learning to Let Go of what does not serve you. I think of the fiery, stubborn, bold energies of Joan of Arc and her ability to shift paradigms and bend roles. We too are all going through major life shifts that have us contemplating nostalgic change, rebirthing dreams and taking the path less traveled.

Like two strangers in a bright light - I hope you’ll share your journey with me and share how astrology is validating itself in your life!

1st: Uranus is semi-square Neptune and Uranus is making seven year shifts to put things into ‘soil’ for the next seven years! Transformation in all the stages: understanding, surrender, acceptance and change. Let go of the lump in your throat and let the Universe wash over you; ride the wave and take action to find balance.

4th: May the FORCE be with you! This magical day is highlighted with a NEW MOON in Taurus, highlighted in Neptune enegies and is all about grounding. Feeling artistic, creative vibrations in our bones and wanting to manifest a destiny that is more wild, free, true, and has imaginative pursuits. This is a vibration that has us WANTING to make life changes for the better, and it will require a certain leap of FAITH. Draw out your vision on this day and let the Grounding BEGIN.

(a time of Vivid dreams) Themes of stability and life-long plans being discussed.

6th-7th: Mercury enters into Taurus and continues to solidify our feelings of grounding, planting roots, making life change but now doing so in our discussions - conversations - networking. Mercury is about communication and we will want to consider all aspects of ‘spitting it out’. This is a time of ‘real communication’ = whatever that can mean. On the 7th, the vibration matures with additions of the Aquarid Meteor Showers sparkling in the sky; a manifestation of dreams and wishes. An optimist burst of light in the dark and it will create a beautiful ripple of WAVES OF THOUGHT.

8th: Uranus conjunct in Taurus = 3xxx validation of fresh new ideas wanting to be born! Odd visions come alive.

(visions are growing, with the waxing moon, are your New Moon seeds hatching? Stems poking through the dirt? Have you written out goals, discussed them with others, sang praise to validation? It’s not too late…)

(A calm transition of being begins…)

15th: Mars enters into Cancer and our priorities go from dreams, self-care and motivated grounding to visions of family, domestic welfare, creating a safe space, including home values and this will mean intimate, high emotions may be swirling about.

(Emotional slowing begins, motivation slows, passion solidifies to attract others)

16th: Venus enters into home sign, Taurus. ANOTHER anchor in the vibes of grounding, practical, family and growth but Venus has us feeling sexy, sensual, intimate and we will find a theme of ‘touch me’. Kinesthetic empathy will be best used in this time and this is a thin veil for attracting POSITIVE OPPORTUNITY. We will feel a yearning to be calm, collected, but also social and to network with a priority in mind.

(Visions begin to flower - things begin to happen)

18th: The Full Moon arrives in Scorpio! A sign that carries an air of mystery and venom, power and awareness. This Full Moon will reveal our deepest desires and we can be connected to an awareness of our deepest passions. With this moon will come small frustrations, like bugs to a blossom, but also the power and ability to combat all obstacles head on: ALL OR NOTHING attitude will be bubbling. This Moon is called the Flower Moon, Milk Moon, Mother’s Moon, but is also a Blue Moon and therefore will be a powerful manifestation for FOCUS. What you believe, you can manifest. What you give, you will receive. Scorpio energy operates when given a mission, so give the Universe (the Moon) your specific mode of operations and set your desires: Scorpio Full Moon with Mother’s Milk to nourish will have you on a wild trip of emotional closure, opportunity and ‘oddball’ adventures of growth.

(GRAPHIC SONG: Played over and over as I meditated on my MAY Forecasts)

(Hangover phase of the Moon and all the consequences, discussions and actions that will have been taken in the devious modes of the Moon) Don’t poke, prod, or push during these recovery times. This is not a time to bite the hand that feeds you.

21st: Mercury enters into Gemini AND Sun enters Gemini which in astrology, is kind of a big deal. This is a great time for mini-trips, travel, asking questions and letting your mind and soul ‘travel’. Vibes will be ‘chatty’ and context may not be with girth, but more entertainment value. People will want to talk, exaggerate, hear your stories and even will answer the phone when usually they wouldn’t. The Universe has us feeling curious, sociable and also in new spaces with the SUN’s vibes nourishing us, giving us a sense of ‘security and light’. Six times a year this conjunct happens, and usually creates a ripple in the psychology of the human mind. This vibe has us thinking in a new way, having epiphanies, connecting with others, getting unique perspectives and also allows us to receive helpful advice and spiritual gifts. If you allow the mind and soul to open, be grounded but not too guarded, join in with the witty banter of the Universe on this day and see how it can benefit your belief systems. If you ride the sarcastic wave of change today, you’ll feel energized and even more unique opportunities will mindfully manifest! Like two-headed rose bushes, you’ll find your seeds were organic hybrids?! Also, consider those who were not aware and who will feel extra envious, annoyed and bothered by all the gifts that might continue to come your way… don’t take it personal.

Teach others the way.

(Celebration Time). People might be busy, Closure has happened and now people are ‘on the move’ with their new life changes, so again - do not take it personally if someone is late, misplaces your appointment or seems too busy. Also, give yourself extra time to plan for this vibe and be patient with yourself during times of change, take this time as a phase to celebrate and nothing more. A time to ripen.

June 3rd: New Moon in Gemini (Stay tuned for what that means).

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