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Full Moon in Scorpio: Now What

The Full Moon in Scorpio engages deep emotional pulls to our deepest desires and also makes us face the obstacles that keep us from attaining them. Highs, Lows, anxiety, exhaustion and perhaps a million opportunities coming a million miles an hour. The truth about the Full Moon, is that we must give Scorpio and the Universe, our check list. What do we really want and how do we expect to achieve it?

Scorpio can unearth desires and mysteries, things lying beneath the surface for some time now, and with the Uranus (odd ball, creative sparks) conjunction from 2012 facing off with the 6 year Gemini conjunction - we’re going to finally see some relief, change and major life transformation.

People will die, things will burn, bridges will collapse, houses will go under, rivers will overflow and we will be forced to bury things we love. We will need to engage in ritual, understand the power of spoken word and find peace within ourselves and manifest that to the physical plane. It is key to weigh the heart and mind with all that keeps us stable and balanced. What can we severe and what will grow in its place?

Ask yourself these questions, put your magic into action and watch the waning moon relieve your anxieties of the future changes ahead.

DEATH MAGIC: Black candles, Hel, Anubis, Baron Samedi, Hades, Reaper, Saint Peter…

Consider justice, judgement, what helps us grieve and find peace and what items we put at a shrine or alter to manifest this peace and memorial. Give honor and let rest.

Body, mind, soul.