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Cha - cha - cha - cha...channges. Changes Ahead.

The astrological forecast has us facing some unique vibes with a six year conjunction. Think back to 2013, what you were doing, facing, battling, building and toiling with. Think about your ‘state of mind’ and how things have grown since then. That mindset will be swinging back around on the 21st - 22nd to remind us of our growth and to give us a reminder.

Mercury enters into Gemini on the 21st - meaning that we will feel a pull to travel, which is great. Positive travel vibes, short or long distances, will be good for the soul. Communication will enhance, people will feel chatty and sociable, and you too will actually want to come out of your hole and collaborate, network and be a bit of a social butterfly. Take use of this time and it will nourish your vision.

The Sun enters Gemini shortly thereafter, pushing more of the Gemini energy and asking us to be curious, ask questions, seek help, find new spaces and explore. This will help us discover a new perspective, a gift of thought and hopefully a greater connection with our guides.

Astrology suggests the spirits will be feeling witty, sarcastic, and energized and will be helping us manifest our belief systems, so keep this in mind!

Mindfully Manifest!

Change is Good.


Get energy moving. Make a to-do list, get cleaning, purge things you no longer need and attach mindsets to them. WHY are you tossing, recycling this habit or item? Think about it, conclude the thought, and lay it to rest. Engage in conversation, sing out in the shower, sing in the car, make an old school playlist - perhaps even play the top 40 from 2013 to ‘take you back’ and close those doors with peace and laughter.

Plant seeds, grow flowers and CLEAN. Waning moons want you to clean messes, wash problems away, take salt baths, burn the trash, finish the things… USE this energy and go with the flow.