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Synchronicity Signs in the Birds

I encourage my clients to listen to the music, the wind, and watch for all the signs of the Universe. This might mean knowing what those are before they come, or learning in hindsight. If you always see the same bird, the same signs, hear the same song play when you’re experiencing the emotional toils of a certain situation, there is likely a message waiting to help you heal.

I will write down signs, times, messages, symbols and at the end of each day I try to meditate on them. I will research, listen to a new podcast, find a new song, read new lyrics and usually it always creates a spark of divine intervention that helps me BE better.

As I’ve grown older, the signs are more clear and their message more deep. I know what two Ravens flying overhead means, the time 4:27 on my phone blinking, or a certain wind on the leaves of my tree’s outside; it gives me confirmation and guidance. I’ve established their meanings, I validate them, I am grateful for them and therefore they show up more frequently.

Skeptically I have to psychologically meditate, think and rationally process through my logical mind: The signs are coincidence, suggestion and Gestalt Magic. My mind whispers the reality and skepticism that is real in the world, and real in me too. I hush it like a crying child that doesn’t know better, and I assure the voices that my soul does not subscribe to coincidence because that is Foolish self-Purgatory. I gave up asking how many coincidences make a fact and started saying, ‘thank you’. I closed my jaded eyes the world has given me and opened my third eye on my own. I use my logic to work through suggestion, timing, context of my life, and I use my education in Psychology to understand and process. The signs, their purpose and my application is still the equation, and I still have to solve for the answer and DO THE WORK.

Today a new symbol came. The back story:

The other day I accepted, with not-so-graceful tears (as fucking LANDSLIDE plays? Really?) the process by which I would be working through my mothers’ death, the death of her killer, and how it would all play out. Our dearest Opal, our rescued pitbull, died in my arms… and Death was pulling open all of my scars.

I saw an orange bird flying that day, and a week later I would hit a bird with my car. It was the first bird I’d ever killed and I couldn’t handle the guilt as I saw the feathers fly off my grill. I pulled over and cried. Grief just pouring out of my pores. So afraid of changing, because I had built my life around the escape of my childhood. I’m getting older, too.

A few days later, I was standing at the window with my boys, talking about Grandma Connie and her death. THUD * a small bird crashed into the glass and fell just beyond the window. I ran outside, with the boys peering from the window above, and approached the frozen bird, bright orange and still, with caution. My fingers felt the wind, I was so close, as it flew just beyond my grasp. It was alive…

We all cheered as it flew into the trees and I told the story later to my husband. The bright orange was so beautiful and I was so thankful I hadn’t been seeing another dead bird; most cultures believing to be a bad omen.

Healing - searching - meditation on all the signs and all the songs. The orange bird flying by often, now daily. Yesterday was the first day we could all work outside as a family, and within hours, I felt the orange wings flying overhead. My feet in the dirt, my hands covered in soot and feeling lighter than usual. We still hadn’t clearly decided if it was a Goldenfinch or not, but I was hoping to catch a photo. I grinned through the day, smiled through the afternoon rain and felt as though the LAST QUARTER moon was indeed giving me signs.

This morning, I sat down to finish my last reading, one that I felt most heavy in delivering… so saved for the last. I took a deep breath, sat at my window and started the process of delivering my message. Suddenly, just inches from my window, the orange bird fluttered onto the nearest branch as I whispered, “Let go, the woman who might have had good intentions but is no longer needed…”

My aunt messaging me in a notification pop up that she had left a rose on my mother’s grave this weekend. I couldn’t handle the tears. I reached for my phone to capture a photo but the bird disappeared into the trees. I felt a spiritual wave move through me and a picture clear enough to know the bird - it was an Oriole.

I had never looked up this bird. I had never established a clear meaning, so I would trust what research came forward. So, I found the following, and read it with tears streaming down my face:

Oriole is a symbol that the worst is over, the sun will soon smile on you and you will experience brighter days.  There is a probability that you are having the toughest challenge in your life.  Perhaps you have endured a lot of heartaches and the Oriole is giving you a sign that your luck will soon change for the better.  Rejoice! This will be the sweetest time of them all.

 It can also mean that a person close to you is in need of your sunshine (joy), observe your friends and shower him with a few sun rays, he badly need it. But also be cautious, there is a chance that you will also get involved in this kind of mess. 

Question is how far are you willing to go to save a friend?  Be wary, this is the event that will test your friendship bond.  Just remember never to lose that sunshine and you’ll get along pretty well.

This creature is connected with Archangel Auriel giving him the attributes of mysticism and nature spirit.  Oriole is associated with unknown creatures and things from the netherworlds.  These are things that are keeping its identity away from us and things that want to maintain its secrecy.

They are also a sign never to forget the things that made us happy as a child.   There is a chance that you are so stressed at the moment and forgot to smile. Think back and remember those days that made you laugh when you were just a kid. 

Remember how simple life is and how simple things can make you giggle with excitement.  Don’t you just wish you can just turn back times and live your whole life as a child?  Actually life is just simple; we are the one who are making it complicated. 

Analyze the things that is bothering your mind, most of the time we already know how to resolve those conflicts, but we aren’t that brave to do it.  As a result we will create lies just to keep that secret, thus making things more complicated.

Oriole appears as an animal spirit when...

  • You are losing hope on your situation.

  • You need to have an open mind.

  • You are forgetting simple things that made you smile.

  • Someone is seeking for your support.

  • You want to keep life simple.

Call on Oriole as an animal spirit when...

  • You want to find the strength to face another day of your life.

  • You are being bothered by the elements of nature.

  • You’re life is so complicated.

  • A friend is in need.

  • You want to appreciate thins the way they are.

Annette Oriole.JPG

Listening to the songs, hearing the signs, and ready to accept the process of this crazy upcoming Gemini season.