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June 2019 Astrology Cheat Sheet

It’s true, I give all my GYPSY TRIBE and clients my cheat sheet with astrology because I feel it’s super helpful, and why not?

If you want to know more and know deeper clues, secrets, signs and messages from the Universe, perhaps you’ll research on your own or contact me for 1:1 mentoring. Until then, here are the generalized expectations for the pending Gemini Season:

JUNE 2019

The theme this month is all about “Unleash not Out-lash” and to understand what we need to Let go of, and what we can Let Grow. Taking actions inside and outside to reveal our truth is going to be of upmost importance.

2nd: Venus/Taurus trine Pluto/Capricorn

3rd: NEW MOON in Gemini: All about making new choices, starting new projects, embarking on new beginnings, and feeling a desire to start projects that ignite the brain. Smart hobbies, intellectual habits, projects of study will help you to see the facts, communicate clearly and therefore awaken your truth.

4th: Mercury/Cancer = we want to use our feeling words, kinesthetic vibes and the desire to touch. This is a great time to feel a boost in our memory, we’ll feel our emotions on high and a push to deal with others in a ‘feeling way’. Remember all interactions will be based on emotion - not logic on this day.

7th: Mercury/Cancer sextile Uranus/Taurus

8th: Venus/Gemini = Sensual energies want us to attract dual choices. Think in doubles, balance and equal/opposite forces today.

9th: Sun/Gemini square Neptune/Pisces means we have a boost in intellect, smart hobbies and a push to think! Open your mind.

10th: Sun opposes Gemini and Jupiter/Sagittarius = a gluttonous desire to seek more and Neptune pushing us more to dream…

12th: Mars begins to settle as we’ve felt more angry and irritable the last two months. Think to April 20th and May 19th and recognize the triggers that have been gnawing at you. Release these triggers, let go of this anger and feel Mars settle your inner fire. Release!

14th: Mars in Cancer, trine Neptune/Pisces, Mars opposes Cancer, Saturn/Capricorn is a very emotional time that has people thinking, doing, engaging their dreams and possibly making more life decisions. Outer drama will cause people to feel a bit on edge so find peace within - avoid drama.

16th: Mercury/Cancer trine Neptune/Pisces = People will be questioning optimism and good vibes, they will feel skepticism about good things and opportunities and do not let this have you turning down good things.

17th: FULL MOON in Sagittarius: Wrapping up the Big Picture that we’ve been thinking on for more than 6 months. The life changes, shifts, shakes, chaos is all starting to settle and we now have to tie up the loose ends. This is the last Full Moon before the Eclipse, signifying a helping PUSH of a hand coming along soon, and to know this Full Moon brings a moment of SPIRITUAL EPIPHANY. If you can center, find peace, let go and release - think on yourself and OPEN YOUR MIND. Let this day bring you new perspectives, new visions, gifts of the senses, growth of intuition and be sure to manifest your goals with pragmatic dreaming. Whatever you were thinking on in January 2019, start to finish this chapter.

18th: A day that we will want to Question, poke, and even raise conflict with Authority Figures. Saturn/Capricorn sextile Neptune/Pisces, Mercury/Cancer conjunct Mars/Cancer: 2nd time this year we must remind ourselves that hard work + realistic approaches = success, no matter how much we can dream. Do not get arrested, go to jail, get a DUI because you want to push boundaries and question authority.

19th: POWER PLAY DAY: People will push buttons, take risks, act impulsively and engage in power plays if they can. Be aware those who manipulate or default to take advantage, will on this day. Mercury/Cancer opposes Pluto/Capricorn and Mars/Cancer opposes Pluto/Capricorn

20th: Neptune goes Retrograde into Pisces energy: Since November 27th we’ve had these dreams, visions, desires to escape something and now we feel a major push inward to escape, as reality distorts under the influence of Neptune. Uncontrollable imagination, delusion and risk of psychosis are present for those on the ‘physical edge’.

21st: SOLSTICE: Summer Solstice and holiday celebrating life. Sun moves into Cancer and people will feel an unconscious desire to make a sacred space, clean their space, be safe and secure. Do protection, boundaries and grounding to help create security and ask HOW CAN I CHANNEL MY ENERGY to get divine guidance. Emotions will be the GPS to the soul and we must be willing to cry our way to our truth.

23rd: Venus/Gemini opposes Jupiter in Sagittarius: A great day to start a journal.

24th: Venus/Gemini square Neptune/Pisces

26th: A day that Communication will be fired up - phones ringing and messages coming in. Mercury enters into Leo with a fiery energy and people will be feeling the desire, urge and power to EXPRESS MYSELF OR ELSE, which can be dangerous and volatile. Promote your great ideas and engage in healthy catharsis.

27th: Sun/Cancer sextile Uranus/Taurus:

A month of dreaming and changing.