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July Astrological Cheat Sheet: Your Guide into the Unknown

Wow, as I sit here and write up the cheats for July 2019, I can already feel the intense changes that we’ll all be facing. The best analogy I can use, is that we are about to take an adventure to Mars - a whole new planet and way of life - and looking for solid ground will never allow the storm to break. So, give up all your pain and let love set you free is LEO fire energy helps you blast off and leave all the weight behind you.

Are you ready? I am. Lord knows the past few months, Gemini season of chaotic change and drama - shakes to our core and foundation - many of us being tempted by other dimensions and realities and things blowing up in our face. If we survived, which we did if you’re reading this, then you endured into Cancer - the most recent times! Cancer had us emotional about these realizations. The new things that came to light, the new evidence that forces us to make change - like it or not - had us facing this most recent Mercury vibration with high volume and pressures exploding all around. We yearned for a calmness and we yearned for change - OR ELSE.

THEN - it came. A calm, a storm passed - a quiet. Right now we are feeling a calm wake and this is a time of rest. Do not feel paranoid, wipe your eyes from the intense storm (aka crying sessions) and look around. Take a deep breath. July brings LEO fires and major movement, shifts, pulls, and like lying on our backs floating out to sea… we cannot fight the current.

Those who subscribe to my MONTHLY GYPSY TRIBE will know how to use these shifts and learn through 1:1 mentoring weekly, how to see the signs coming. Each of us has our own intuition, so learning how to use it for good and growth is key - but here are the cheats for ASTROLOGY in JULY:

2nd: NEW MOON eclipse in Cancer at 10 degrees and this is all about taking steps, actions and new opportunities to those behavior changes you want to see. Move forward with acceptance that there is no going back and say YES.

At 10°37′ Cancer Sign, the total solar eclipse on 2 July 2019 makes only one planetary aspect. The solar eclipse sextile Uranus is a positive influence but only mild in effect because of the wide orb of influence of over four degrees. There are other planetary aspects in the chart below that will have some influence on the solar eclipse. There is also a fixed star conjunction to consider but it is also a weak conjunction for a fixed star at over one degree. Altogether these influences combine to make this a fortunate solar eclipse.

The 7th brings MERCURY RETROGRADE: which can make communication more difficult, in this case, it is because of how it directly effects our emotional delivery. Mercury retrograde July 2019 begins on July 7 at 4° Leo and ends on July 31 at 23° Cancer. Mercury retrograde is a regular cycle occurring three or four times a year for about 24 days.

Mercury retrograde is generally associated with communication and technology breakdowns, nervous anxiety, travel delays, and lost items. You may reminisce about the past or unexpectedly meet up with people from your past. Business negotiations are often in a state of flux during Mercury retrograde, with some important details not yet available.

8th: Be careful of how energies flying around you - the sexy feels - might interfere with your goals. Can they be used to help you grow? YES, but USE them and do not fall victim to them like the most recent past. enus sextile Uranus transit stimulates your need for fun and excitement in your social and love life. If all alone during this transit, entertainment or creativity will satisfy your increased desire for something new and shiny in your life. You can make original breakthroughs in artistic and creative work.

You will be expressing your love nature with a flair that can also manifest as extra bling or a unique fashion style. Your displays shall attract equally interesting and eager people, willing to take a risk and see where it goes. This lack of inhibition is especially helpful if you are naturally shy and reserved.

This is an excellent time to make new friends and lovers. While this transit favors instant attraction and a short cut to the bedroom, the odds are more in favor of a quick fling and not marriage. The one exception to this is the case of two people are who naturally free spirits and dislike being owned or smothered with love and affection. True love is possible between these two. Even if one partner is more tradition but willing to give a lot of ground, there is the potential for a long lasting relationship, whether sexual or platonic.

I will be dancing to this at home as I build my SELF SEXINESS:

8th: Special NOTE of MARS on this day and what it means for your delivery of all messages: Mercury conjunct Mars natal gives a quick mind, rapid reflexes, and a sharp tongue. These attributes are ideal for making quick decisions in the heat of the moment while others hesitate. Excellent debating skills allow you to stand up not only for yourself but for the rights of others.

Your direct and courageous way of expressing yourself can win you admiration in fields such as politics, business, and the military. However, in more personal relationships and your social life, this direct means of communication can lead to arguments and hostility.

The key to managing this potent aspect is to control the impulsive and aggressive side of Mars. Even in your professional life, forming harmonious relations will require some moderation of your naturally defensive attitude. You will often know you are right, but for the sake of peace, you must allow others to share their opinions even if they appear wrong to you.

It is in your more intimate relationships that this tendency for getting into arguments poses the greatest problems. Friends and family may feel treated by your mannerisms and communication style, even when you feel you are in a calm state. You can use your acute intellect to recognize when you elicit defensive or hostile reactions in others. The resulting increase in self-awareness will enable you to moderate your approach when your fighting skills are not required.

9th 1st QUARTER GROWTH: this unique journey, like a game of ZELDA, has us acquiring cool magical tools along the way, and if you’re paying attention to your intuition, you will find on this day you get a magical EMOTIONAL RESET BUTTON. It will present itself like this: Sun opposite Saturn natal chart has an inhibiting effect. It presents hardship and restriction in life, often starting from difficulties with your father who may have been absent or weak. You are a serious person and grew up quickly. You may have preferred older friends when you were young.

You can be too critical of yourself, of other people, and be subject to criticism. You may have felt unloved and unlovable. Basically, poor self-esteem probably held you back. But you became expert at learning for yourself using critical thinking. You are extremely studious and this can lead to remarkable achievements and the highest recognition.

11th: We weigh our morals and ideals and find friends reaching out all over the place for our guidance. We must take note of the intuitive signs, the growth potential of your magic and focus - WHY? More astrology will guide you, a mentor session perhaps, but this is my musical meditation suggestion on this day:

11th: Also has notes for controlling your emotional reactions to your empathy and creativity. Mars square Uranus natal gives abundant creative and inventive energy which can lead to brilliant achievements. However, such dynamic energy can also be dangerous. Some tests and trials may be needed before your raw explosive energy can be safely harnessed.

You are not shy about getting what you want out of life. With little regard for rules or tradition, you can easily come across as a rebel or trouble maker. A strong urge to live out your unique desires can upset your family and friends as well as society in general. Anything from your profession to your sexuality can cause controversy and upset things as they are.

14th: The Sun and PLUTO, have you determined their personalities? For me this is the SUN, the center of the UNIVERSE and all that nourishes us but is being bothered and focusing on the energies of PLUTO which is kind of the Johnny Depp of the galaxy. He is a crazy energy that can present in weird ways but ultimately method acting can be dangerous - but authentic. Let us explore this a bit with astrology: Sun opposite Pluto natal creates an intense struggle to safely express your strong ego. Being such a powerful, determined and private person, you may go to extreme lengths to ensure others see you as a perfect human being, totally in control of yourself and all around you. If you believe that you don’t meet your own high standards, or that others think less of you, dissatisfaction can lead to negative behaviors or a crisis.

16th: VENUS Charm, oh my. Think of how you handled your emotions in middle-school as a pre-teen. Drama, the best poems ever, I want to ‘end you’, and fire energies that burn and fuel change. Sensual VENUS is going to be forging the fires of our change and possible stoking the fires of your obsession if you’re careful. Venus quincunx Jupiter natal gives conflicting characteristics among which charm and politeness mingle with melodrama and obsession. You are generally a fun-loving, warm and generous person who enjoys being around people. You love entertaining friends with your well-developed sense of humor. While humor and pranks can bring social popularity, taking things too far can lead to embarrassment and controversy. My musical suggestion from the UNIVERSE:

Be careful where and how and with whom you dance.

17th: OBSTACLE as Venus (our intimacy) is hit with some guidelines by Saturn. Just when we feel like our trip has a good momentum, we get told by the galaxy ‘park ranger’ that our smoke cloud is too big, our music is too loud, our camp site isn’t licensed and we need to decide if we’re going to get made about it. Venus opposite Saturn natal makes it extremely difficult to form loving relationships. You would have realized early on that you did not fit in because of below average social skills. Not understanding why you developed feelings of unworthiness or inadequacy. Thinking there must be something wrong with you, guilt took hold which may have been reinforced by lack of affection, criticism or ostracism by your parents and other adults, especially authority figures like teachers.

I suggest playing: Bill Withers NO SUNSHINE or perhaps the gem, UNDERGROUND by Missio.

JULY 18th: Anxiety trigger. Don’t take it personally if you feel a bit anxious today, our intuitive veil is thinning and therefore we feel the energies of the collective. They are saying: Venus trine Neptune natal impacts on two main areas of life, your relationships and your creative expression. Of course, these both stem from your inner nature which is genuinely friendly and compassionate. Peace and serenity are your ideal, you wish for everything in your world to be beautiful in line with your spiritual ideals.

21st: PLUTO vibes get weird and we must be aware of our own cages. CUE THIS SONG for meditation. Venus opposite Pluto natal makes for instant attractions and intense relationships. You are very drawn to particular people and others may experience this same compelling attraction to you. There is something mysterious about this karmic attraction that you cannot explain, and sometimes this involves dark or even dangerous desires.

On the 21st we will feel the SUN big time, and spiritually this means that we can get burned if we’re not careful, but we’re also in need of the sunlight. Think of how you can get moderate exposure to that which fuels you in life. Try to manage your routines of creativity, energy and exercise to a balance so you don’t get burnt out. Sun conjunct Mercury natal is the best of all aspects for communication. Interacting with others is most important to you as it stimulates your need to share ideas. With such an active mind however, you may become easily distracted when listening to others, either butting in or letting your mind wander. You are probably a better talker than listener.

24th: Breather. Mercury conjunct Venus natal makes you a loving, cultured and honest person of good breeding. You may have a tendency to be passive and submissive but this is a means by which you achieve peace in your life. Diplomacy is a strong point and you may often be called on to sort out problems between friends. The 3rd Quarter moon phase is a milestone and therefore is the cue to drop the remaining stuff in order to approach the NEW MOON with a clean slate. Clean and purge or the Universe will do it for you, as you cannot carry all of ‘this’ to the top.


25th: MARS, oh mars. Like the LEO fires of the Universe weren’t enough to fuel our changes, this is the push to keep fighting for what we know is the best for us and the greater good. Mars trine Jupiter natal is an indicator of success in life. Some may call you lucky but you actually make your own luck through a strong self-belief and good, honest intentions. No one can doubt your strong work ethic and productivity.

29th: Uranus, the ‘weird one’ in the galaxy is going to turn its head and ask us if we are brave enough to be odd. Of course you are, you’re reading this! Which means, use this energy to do the following: Sun square Uranus natal encourages you to do things your own way. Always a very complex person, you are most often extremely intelligent and independent. You stand out from the crowd in an obvious way. The need to express your distinctive ego through your personality and career can often cause conflict with others. You can come across as abrupt, rebellious or just weird.

31st: NEW MOON (Finally) My music cues, “Have you ever seen the rain… coming down, on a sunny day” as the thunder cracks outside. This is a clean slate and hopefully any rain that comes at this point is going to simply clean up, wash away the extra, and feed the thirst of your planted seedlings. The New Moon on Wednesday, July 31, 2019, at 8 degrees Leo highlights the challenging planetary aspect of Venus square Uranus. This brings stress, anxiety and the potential for unexpected changes to your love life and finances.

The July 2019 new moon also joins two stars called the Ascelli, in Constellation Cancer the Crab. Their aggressive and impatience influence stresses the importance of being patient and cooperative during this challenging moon phase. What rituals will you do to celebrate? Perhaps clean your space, clean your alter, take a nice hot bath and just let things be cleansed naturally.


Consider the amazing stars, the omens, the deaths that will happen this month and what lessons we learn. Remember, take any extra anger and personify it into something that has a face. Consider the hate, the anger, all that doesn’t serve you and BURN IT with fire as you play THIS SONG.

If you want more breakdowns, join my MONTHLY GYPSY TRIBE or Consider reading more from astrologers like ASTROLOGY KING.