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Approaching the Black New Moon in Leo ... dun dun dun

I always suggest musical and spiritual meditation. The Universe was singing all sorts of amazing tunes, and great reads this month as GROWTH and TRANSITION were major life themes. Anubis and birds were everywhere as people took flight, bridges burned and I watched so many take major life risks. Now, there is no going back…

The Black New Moon (in reference to TWO New moons in one month, which is quite rare) and this clean slate is in LEO. Think of the passionate, fiery Leo and what the sign gives us: power, energy, strength and courage. I think of a bold lion roaring, the LION KING references strong lately and the messages of what death and courage can do for a legacy far beyond yourself.

This Moon on the 31st is a great time to ‘seal in and round up’ all the opportunities that you’re hoping to manifest. Draw them, create a vision board, speak them into existence and make your decisions so that you can walk away from these planted seeds and rest completely for the TRUE GROWTH ahead.

Epson Salt Baths

Meditating Showers

Naps in the Rain

Cleaning your Space

Purging your UNused items

I know after all of the big life changes and transformation, like the new Cicada that just emerged from the shells hanging still on the bark of trees…

Where will you fly? Where will you go? How long until your wings dry?
The Universe cues “Tom Petty Free Fallen”. I sigh as I miss a recent friend who passed to suicide, and who was a Petty Fan. What would he have accomplished if someone had just let him know how loved he was and he could RECEIVE that love? Our decisions and actions, both in doing and undoing, will have major consequence and we MUST keep moving on.

Let us approach AUGUST with the new energy it requires -