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September Astrological Cheat: Serve and Surrender or Suffer and Sulk

So much to consider on this amazing journey through Virgo energies into LIBRA.

This Harvest Full Moon and the changing energies around it, have us doing lots of work to make sure the harvest is good until the prayer at the table!


5th: Saturn starts turning direct and career change, work focus and ‘skill’ related things take priority.

14th: 14th: Full Moon September 2019 Summary

The September 14 full moon activates Jupiter square Neptune, the major long term challenging aspect of 2019. It is strengthening towards the last of its three exact aspects this year on September 21. Given this final square occurs within this two-week moon phase, its effects will be particularly strong.

Jupiter square Neptune brings gullibility, suspicion, and deception that can lead to embarrassment or disappointment. And the T-square with Mars brings moodiness, anger and impulsive actions that increase the risk of delusion and scandal.

With the full moon conjunct Neptune, the emphasis of the full moon September 2019 astrology will be on confusion and deception. But Neptune also rules hopes, dreams, and spirituality, and the strongest aspect to the full moon gives great potential here. The powerful influence of Pluto makes this a full moon for positive transformations and rebirth through intense personal interaction and the purging of emotional baggage and destructive behaviors.

A full moon has a relationship to the previous new moon. The August 30 new moon helped you get in touch with your most passionate desires and share them. It was excellent for starting something new or re-energizing something, especially of a romantic nature. The September 14 full moon lasts for two weeks up to the September 28 new moon.

18th: Saturn direct in Capricorn and authority, assertiveness and forward movement in career matters will be present.

21st: Jupiter in Sagittarius is square Neptune in Pisces which means optimism will become confusing and delusion can get a hold of your mind; beware.

23rd: Sun direct in Libra which puts a spotlight and center focus on relationships and how they are growing.

28th: New Moon in LIBRA brings a balanced feeling and balanced new beginnings in all areas of your life.

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