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Alchemy Verb - Understanding how you make Magic

A big part of what we accomplish in the first few sessions of mentoring is figuring out your ALCHEMY VERB.

How do you make magic? How does one take a thought, roll it over ink and ball and it ends up finding its way here? Making people thousands of miles away think deeper about their life, wipe tears off their cheeks…

your magic, your alchemy verb.

For my husband, it is making music. His fingers can touch the brass of a foreign flute or the strings of an old guitar and somehow, he makes music. Ripples of emotion from within, thoughts from some synapse somewhere, become visualized and inspired, sparking to others all around him.

It’s magic.

Some people put on their walking shoes and take depression to the pavement; turning it into fitness. Others coddle their magic and knit blankets, speak lectures, write books…

We all have ways of working magic and some are big and elaborate, but some are as simple as speaking our words and meaning them. Knowing how you conjure is vital to processing energy and therefore easing your growth.

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