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You don't know what's in my head...

This month is National Suicide Awareness month and not only has this topic touched me personally, on many levels, but I know that more than 1 in five Americans entertains suicidal ideations… yet know one would know by looking.

The thing about mental health, like psychic intuition, it’s underneath and mysterious but vital and important. The thoughts, mechanisms, coping skills or lack there of is a constant flux that reflects and mirrors what we focus and surround ourselves with. Astrology helps, but also knowing yourself and your own personal boundaries is key.

Mental health, psychic ability, intuition and all the ‘innards’ are hard to deal with because we CANNOT EASILY SEE THEM.

Like a ghost, a belief, a value, a wish… a whisper. Knowing how to conjure, meld, manifest and CHANGE energy means knowing YOUR BODY (vessel) and how you respond and use energy. This month in the MONTHLY GYPSY TRIBE we have been discussing permission, boundaries, limits, and how we might BE or NOT BE a conduit with our actions/beliefs. Earth, Air, Fire, Water are all tools we can use to work magic but HOW… WHY?

Last month we meditated on NO - Thanks PROF

This month we are currently dealing with the highly emotional, energetic, busy body energy of PISCES which is all about HOW DO YOU FEEL about that? Whispers from LIBRA have us wanting to be fair, just and equal but yet our personal astrology will be pulling in different directions too; then the Full Moon pushed us in emotional ways.

Placid at first on the 13th, then a slow crawl into the abyss - a rise of anxious energy and thoughts of those who are passing, passed, going to pass, how do WE FEEL ABOUT ALL THAT? Crying and feeling the heaviness in our chest, heart chakra, but waiting for it to pass as we KNOW it is related to the energies outside of our bodies.

SO, as your mentor, I give you musical meditation, permission, to grab your inner MARS fire and to not just say ‘no’ but to consider what NO LONGER SERVES YOU about emotional stress.

What is important. Meditate on SERVING and SUFFERING and prioritize this energy. Does being late 4 minutes, the rip in your jeans, the spill of coffee really matter? How do you FEEL about it?

Play this: (Graphic Language)


The most important point is that WE CONTROL our emotional sacred space and we cannot allow the bullshit to rot within us and become harmful. We DO deserve to live, to breath and to share our suffering with others so that they may serve and vice versa.

Reach out and help others.

Reach within and help yourself.