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La Madama Maxine 'haunted' Spirit Doll

La Madama Maxine 'haunted' Spirit Doll


This reportedly haunted Caribbean Spirit Doll, was created in the 1980s but is still in perfect condition. Delicate sewing, imported French clothing, hand-drawn eyes and a whimsical presence. La Madama Maxine comes with a birth certificate label signed in ink by her creator and is doll #10 of an intimate series.

The name "La Madama" may sound like it refers to one specific spirit, but Madamas are actually a type of spirit. This means that there are many entities that can be called La Madama. They are spirits of female slaves, or their descendants, who help the living. Their veneration came to the United States through practitioners of Santeria or Espiritismo from Latin American countries in the Caribbean. As a spirit of the dead, venerating La Madama works a little differently from the way you might venerate a saint.

Doll comes with Santeria protection spell and other spiritual alter items.

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