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Curio Box

Cultural offerings, reportedly ‘haunted’ dolls, spell boxes and alter items to customize your spiritual space and lifestyle. Purchase psychic readings, tarot card readings and other unique occult items.

Tarot Class: Learn to Understand Divination (3 part class)

Tarot Class: Learn to Understand Divination (3 part class)


Divination, specifically the Tarot, is rich with culture and history but is made to help one receive guidance from the divine. If you would like to intimately learn, through psychological processes, how to connect with each card and understand their meaning, this 3-part class will have you satisfied without ever needing a guide book again.

Utilizing NLP, psychotherapy, self-guided meditation and other unique techniques, these classes are geared around YOU and helping you interpret the energies of the Universe as they are represented through the Tarot Spread.

Classes are scheduled and held via SKYPE or Facebook Video Chat and are 30-45 minutes per session.

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